Kinesio tape

Kinesio tape or K-Tape is a flexible tape that is used to mimic the skins elasticity, allowing full range of motion with tailored support. Kinesio tape can act as a temporary distraction type pain relief when applied over sore areas. It’s also used to heighten our awareness so we can change unhelpful movement and posture habits.

Rigid Tape

Rigid tape is used to stabilise a joint and prevent excessive or unwanted movement. More frequently we will use this tape to just slightly restrict specific movements and add some awareness to avoid prolonged postures such as looking down too long. This is useful for back, neck and shoulder pain. Stability taping is most commonly used on unstable shoulders, sprained ankles, knees and wrists.

Hypoallergenic Tape

Hypoallergic tape, which is gentle on the skin, is always placed under the rigid tape to reduce the chance of skin irritation or reaction.