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Treatments to benefit everybody.

  • R Elite/Recreational Sport & Activity
  • RGym and Fitness
  • ROlder Adults
  • ROffice and Trade Workers
  • RKids and Adolescents

Who we help at Adam Physio Cairns

If you have any of the following problems, you have found the best physio in Cairns to help!

Back & Neck Pain

From acute first time flareups/lockups to long term stubborn conditions and scary intense sciatica like nerve pain  – we’ve got you covered! 

Persistent / Chronic pain

Acute pain / Injury

Joint issues & Arthritis

Reduce your pain, increase your strength and function – all while decreasing pain meds and delaying or avoiding surgery.

Physio has a huge role to play in improving joint health, helping reduce pain and improve mobility.

Pre and Post surgery

Rehab & Rehab for;

Spine surgery,
Hip and Knee Replacement,
Knee Meniscus and ACL rehab.
Shoulder surgery and more!

Headache & Migraine

The role of the neck is under-recognised in headache and migraine. And you don’t necessarily need to have neck pain!

We integrate the world renowned Watson Headache approach with other up to date effective treatments.

Our point of difference

Local Cairns physio Ryan Adam has over 12 years of experience helping patients recover from pain and injury. He treats simple sprains and strains, but also the tough cases where other treatments such as massage, chiro and physio don’t seem to be working. 

Quantity over Quality Clinics

  • Short appointment times and high patient turnover resulting in a rushed, low quality experience.
  • Over reliance on fad technology or 'quick fix' passive treatments such as Shockwave and Dry Needling.
  • Recurring appointments with no definitive plan or indication of how long it will take to get back to what's meaningful to you.
  • Complex, tricky patient cases given to junior under-supported practitioners.

Our Way – A Modern Well Rounded Approach

  • Longer appointments so we can get to the bottom of your issue and you don’t feel rushed.
  • A Proactive well-rounded approach that includes hands on treatment, but doesn't rely on this as the primary fix.
  • Local & Experienced - Ryan has helped thousands of Cairns clients feel & move better.
  • Great Location and Facilities - Private, comfortable treatment rooms a stones throw from Cairns Central Shopping Centre.

How we can help

At Adam Physiotherapy, we take the time to understand your injury and pain on a deeper level. Every patient’s journey is different, and we believe assessing the broader context and factors that can play a role in your recovery is essential. We want to see you feeling and moving better, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

We Listen

carefully to your pain or injury story


thoroughly with hands on and movement testing


accurately and explain your issue in a way that makes sense. No confusing jargon necessary!

Adam Physio Cairns


with the perfect blend of skilful hands on, taping, movement correction and exercises suited specifically to your body and lifestyle.


you to take back control over your body, understand your condition and avoid future flare-ups.

We Support


I am impressed with Ryan's ability to ask the right questions. He clearly explains the chosen treatment plan.
Kristen Abel
Ryan was very knowlegeable and helped me manage the pain I was experiencing through a number of massages and excersises. I would certainly recommend Ryan to anyone with any pain issues.
Ryan provided me with really detailed care and support following a workplace injury. He has been patient and understanding, spending a lot of time not only explaining my injury, but also explaining his interventions. I felt really safe and supported and would recommend Adam Physiotherapy to anyone. Thanks so much, it's made all the difference to an otherwise really difficult situation.
Zoe kellman
Excellent Physio with a great holistic approach
Damian Kukulies
Great service and knowledge.
David Rivett
I’ve been to Ryan for physiotherapy several times now. Ryan is excellent at what he does and explains everything so well. Ryan is thorough when identifying the causes and really takes pride in what he does. He has helped me to understand my areas of pain and has supported my recovery to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle without missing out on the exercises I enjoy. He also puts lots of useful info on his Instagram page which is great! I highly recommend Adam Physiotherapy.
Alice Monk
Great and really helpful!
Tim Jon
Great physio
Ashley Stephenson


We are upgrading to a new clinic location! As of the 23rd of July, Adam Physio will be operating from Suite 2/600 Mulgrave Road, Woree, 4868.

Hope to see you there